Our Products

Our product has not been cleared by the FDA and is not for commercial sale in the United States.

Robotic Catheter Delivery System

Our robotic catheter delivery system is a platform for precise positioning of flexible intervention devices. Key features include:

  • Highly accurate w/ target placement error: 1-2mm
  • Thin and flexible needle shaft
  • Compatible with most endoscopes

PhenoWave Flexible Microwave Treatment System

To enhance efficacy and foster adoption of minimally invasive local ablation intervention for cancer treatment

  • Novel approach by combining AI, flexible microwave ablation device and robotic steerable needle to deliver optimal treatment outcome

PhenoWave Treatment Planning System

PhenoWave Treatment Planning System

  • Personalized treatment plan report for microwave ablation
  • Concise, physician-friendly treatment plan report to assist physicians in achieving treatment success
  • Provides comprehensive analysis of tumor/nodule and surrounding tissue
  • Provides optimally calculated microwave energy dose recommendation with corresponding treatment success score
  • Patient-friendly report for patient consultation